Dave 'Watchdog' Miner remark inartful; school district probe reflects crackdown on dissent

May 8, 2014 

It is unbelievable that the witch hunt mentality of schools Superintendent Rick Mills and chief hatchet man Troy Pumphrey is now directed toward Dave "Watchdog" Miner.

The comment made by Miner at Miller Elementary was, while inartful, certainly not intended to be inappropriate or to offend.

Miner speaks his mind at all times -- a refreshing trait for an elected official. No one could ever doubt his integrity.

We, the citizens of Manatee County, elected Miner to the school board to keep an eye on the administration and be an independent voice. He received more votes that any previous school board candidate.

Since his election, he has proven to be anything but a "yes man," unlike most of the rest of the board.

Mills said he believed in democracy when he took McKelvey Park off the list of properties to sell. Not true. We once again see the true Mills in his ridiculous and improperly motivated effort to silence the voice of the citizens of Manatee County.

This investigation isn't about Miner. It is about Mills (and his crony, Pumphrey) trying to quiet all opposition. Putin could learn from Mills.

Scott Bassett


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