Rude theater patrons ruin movie enjoyment

May 7, 2014 


Lakewood Ranch Cinemas first opened in December 2006.


A week ago my son and I went to the Lakewood Ranch Cinemas in an attempt to enjoy a G-rated family movie ("Rio 2").

Before the movie began a birthday party full of girls filled up the last two rows of the theater. Now, I'm thinking, oh great, there goes the noise level.

But kudos to them. They were very well behaved.

But I became frustrated due to a parent's lack of judgment and remained frustrated through the whole movie.

Sitting three seats to the left of me there was a dad with his two young boys sitting on either side of him. Throughout the whole movie the father was playing on his cell phone.

The cell phone's screens bright light was an annoyance to the rest of us. At one point, the boys reacted to a part of the movie and the father asked what happened?

He obviously didn't hear me say "If you would pay attention, you would know!"

First, it's sad that the father couldn't sit there for 101 minutes enjoying a kid's movie with his own children without playing with his cell phone.

Secondly, it's even sadder that I was literally afraid to say anything to the father for fear of making a scene in front of the kids or possibly something worse happening (think movie theater shooting just a few short months ago).

Third, if I informed the usher the father would have known the source, possibly placing myself in jeopardy.

And movie theaters wonder why there has been a decline in attendance over the last few years. I guess we can all just wait for movies to come out on DVDs and avoid the theaters all together, if that is what it takes to feel safe and have an enjoyable movie experience!

Tina Cook


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