Elderly poor in Manatee need help on health care

May 5, 2014 

I have contacted two TV stations, all of Manatee County health organizations, tried my senators and representatives and even tried the governor; it did no good.

The elderly in Manatee County are slowly dying because of insufficient health care. The co-pays are the major cause of it.

Myself, for example, needs to see four doctors a month. But I can only see one or two at the most as my co-pays are the following: for pain I have to see a doctor, $35; my vascular doctor, $35; my endocrinologist, $35, and my podiatrist, $35.

With the bills we have to pay I can't see but one doctor a month. My wife and I are going to have to divorce so my wife can get on Medicaid. That's because the doctor she needs to see charges a co-pay of $75!

And we are not the only ones. These co-pays have got to go. There's no help with the programs the county has.

I know, because I tried them all. They are a sham that looks good on paper and people get paid for doing nothing.

The elderly poor in Manatee County need a lot of help. Maybe this letter will get some help started. Thank you.

Lewis E. Byrd


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