Oil company only slapped on wrist for illegal fracking

May 5, 2014 

Outrageous, Florida fracked!

The practice "fracking" -- injecting "unknown composition (proprietary) fluids" into the ground at high pressures to fracture rock layers in order to force natural gas or oil to flow and be available to extract -- is illegal in Florida.

It is illegal!

In states where this is allowed some pretty bad things have happened. There are reported instances of pollution of groundwater, mini-earthquakes, and a general degradation of the health of the environment.

I am sure everyone has seen videos of people who are able to set fire to flammable gases in the well water coming from their taps.

Now there is an open and shut case of illegal "fracking" by the Texas-owned oil company, Hughes Oil, in the western Florida Everglades.

It was done secretly and is illegal, although one would wonder how such an industrial drilling and pumping operation could have been kept a secret in this day and age.

The company was caught and it received a slap on the wrist in court -- a $25,000 fine from Florida's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

In view of such blatant disregard for Florida law, this company at the very least should have lost their permit for any drilling operations in the state of Florida.

This brings up the larger question. Can Gov. Scott and his minions, and this Legislature be trusted to protect Florida's precious Everglades and environment against the incursions of big corporations, especially "Big Oil?"

Sandra Gander


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