Good reasons for Manatee County youth club chief to resign over his comments

May 4, 2014 


This refers to letters defending Marc Dosogne's comments about the Boys and Girls Clubs standards.

Really! I am writing to offer a different opinion of the resignation of their CEO.

After reading the remarks of some in the newspaper's letters, I felt the need to show why it was so important that what followed was a good thing.

The CEO stated that "the controversial memo contained some poor choice of words." Those remarks are not off-the-cuff remarks.

My concern is why the board didn't know how he felt before they hired him. Then the second letter to the editor stated Mr. Dosogne shouldn't have resigned. Yes, he should have.

The writer also stated those things are really not a proper representation of the Boys & Girls Clubs. The children that go to the club are from all different cultures.

There is no book to teach you a life experience. If a child sees that you have been where they might be going, the connection is amazing.

Are you kidding me? In order for youth to be able to trust and appreciate their mentors, they need to be able to relate to them. So I believe you need to hire all of those diverse people.

If that child sees a mentor who has overcome the same obstacles, it will make the biggest difference.

A child could see that it's not where you start, but where you end up.

Betty Trigueiro

Lakewood Ranch

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