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May 3, 2014 



These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, APRIL 23, 2014

Willie Nathan Young and Deserri Bonilla

Eric Joseph Rothgery and Dana Beth Ryan

Brian August Knopp and Sandra Beth Stancik

Armando Valdez-Garcia and Janet Leigh Kimsey

David Michael Sands and Melissa Ann Wellman

Michael Robert Wynot and Karrie Lane Richmond

Vincent Cosentino and Martha Mary Hollar

Oryn Lavelle Ards and Jasmine Enid Lecky

Jorge Rico and Esmeralda Mena

Robert Garner Atkinson Jr. and Jessica Nicole Rogers

Thursday, APRIL 24, 2014

Bud Ronald Cato and Courtney Anne Foster

Bobby Wayne Cates and Janet Beulene Cates

Michael Bruce Cap and Sally Anne Orr

Guillermo Enrique Luna and Evelyn Martinez

Jimmy Bryce Nelson Jr. and Lisa Lynn Edel

David Benjamin Wexler and Michelle Ann Adler

James Henry Lovett Jr. and Stacy Dee Doppman

Brandon Joseph White and Breanna Royale Anderson

T. Gordon Howard and Betsy Anne Lytle

Christopher James Hunt and Jazmin Shae Goode

Friday, APRIL 25, 2014

Joseph Alvin Matthews and Lauren Leigh Carlen

Gene Louis Wegher and Jean Laura Molisee

Joshua Aaron Penn and Jessica Rae Leuty

Alton Jeremy Cox and Chelsea Marie Kammerer

Brandon James Hunter and Eva Michele Bacigalupo

Lester Keith Bennett and Marie Louise Hillier

Damien Latroy Simmons and Ashley Lynne Richards

Jason Christopher Milne and Sarah Lynn Marciniak

Monday, APRIL 28, 2014

Thomas Edward MacDonaold Jr. and Jennifer Ann Melliere

Erick Roberto Segura-Reyes and Irian Rangel-Martinez

William Andres Maradiaga alvarado and Nancy Viridiana Ramirez Nunez

Jared Darwin Shields and Kelly Ann Adamson

Terry Kelly and Carla Jolynn Roberts

Joshua Phillip Cullen and Sarah Jane Nielsen

Clinton Matthew Moring and Kathryn Lynn McMahon

Joshua Lee Cullen and Deborah Kate Jackson

Gregory Lee Burton and Theresa Marie Seal

Joshua Nicholas Blackbird and Nikki Jean Russell

Mark Andrew Chambers and Joy Emily Kapeluck

Jason Ray Hand and Rachel Ann White

Ryan Patrick Henry and Penni Jo Beaucamp

Joseph Scott Clemmons and Courtney Anne Willis

Bradley Brooks Bell and Kristy Michele Robertson

Dominic Anthony Emanuele and Fatima Maria Gomez

Tuesday, APRIL 29, 2014

Bradley Bruhl Cedolin and Alexandra Hannah Whyte

Joseph Patrick Crinkley and Catherine Liselle Marshall

Adam Tyler Doak and Jennifer Loran Horval

Christopher Francis Cahill and Christine Warren

Joshua Craig Stambach and Jessica Shannon Davenport

Stephen Hayes Stokes and Margaret A. Newsom

Kyle Alan Bartley and Lindsey Alexandra Sudai

Dillon Thomas Garback and Holly Lynn Parker

Kedlet Antoine Jeune and Pascale Dolce

Phillip Anthony Barrett and Kelly Marie Keller


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Wednesday, APRIL 23, 2014

No records.

Thursday, APRIL 24, 2014

Conrado Ceballos and Sandra Quintero

Terry Leroy Hazelbecker and Rachael Justine Hazelbecker

David Benjamin Dewitt and Vicki Kaye Dewitt

Leonardo Bustamante and Rosario Bustamante

Robert E. Mayernick and Elizabeth Mayernick

Garreth John Todd and Amy Suzanne Todd

Friday, APRIL 25, 2014

Brian Barrack and Jennifer Barrack

Jeffrey Shinka and Doris May Shinka

Jeff Swindell and Jill Rene Swindell

Monday, APRIL 28, 2014

Kelvet Fuller Jr. and Brea Nichole Fuller

Andrew R. O'Dell and Tammy Guayasamin-O'Dell

James N. Doyle Jr. and Ivoneia Conceicao

Tuesday, APRIL 29, 2014

John T. Garganta and Lori A. Garganta

Adam Hange and Karen Hange

Charles James Taylor and Martha Santos Taylor

Nelvin Vanessa Herrera Ruballos and Nelson Gonzalez Gonzalez

Eric Scott Ramey and Brandi Ann Edington

Joseph A. Martin and Bernadetta M. Martin

Robert J. Wagner and Susan Francis-Wagner


The following civil suits were filed in Manatee County Circuit Court:

Wednesday, APRIL 23, 2014

C1 Bank vs. JLC Silk Enterprises Inc. et al (contract and indebtedness)

Estate of Grace A. Bradley vs. FI Casa Mora LLS (negligence)

Marsha Craven vs. APG Florida LLC (negligence)

Eugene and Sandra Kratt Charitable Trust et al vs. Eugene H. Kratt et al (other circuit civil)

Richard James et al vs. Charles M. Kramer et al (professional malpractice)

Prof 2012 s! REO I LLC vs. Patricia A. White et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. John J. Medico Sr. et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Thursday, APRIL 24, 2014

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union vs. Mark C. Kenny (contract and indebtedness)

Advocare of Bradenton LLC vs. Bradenton Council on Aging LLC (contract and indebtedness)

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2003 1 vs. Michael Piety (contract and indebtedness)

WIlliam V. Costanzo vs. Manatee County (negligence)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al (mortgage foreclosures)

Whitney Bank vs. Caroline Overton et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Household Finance Corp. III vs. Judy A. Ryzner et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Wynema B. Hawkins et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Res FL Seven LLC vs. Kevin Alli et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Northern Trust Company vs. Teresa A. Harrison et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Friday, APRIL 25, 2014

Lisa M. Hall vs. Elizabeth A. Leever et al (auto negligence)

Superior Debt Recovery LLC vs. Eugene M. Macogay (contract and indebtedness)

Julie E. Max vs. American Motorcycle Association Inc. (negligence)

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Sally L. Byrns et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al vs. Daniel Torres et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Shadybrook Village Owners Association Inc. vs. G&M Properties and Investments LLC (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. Debra Clayton et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA bs. Dalton B. Buttermore et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Eileen M. Castelli et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. Jeffrey A. Goodwin et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Monday, APRIL 28, 2014

Delia E. Carden et al vs. Cynthia Gauthier (auto negligence)

Cactus Sky Corp. vs. Edifice Group Inc. et al (contract and indebtedness)

Mami Nutraceuticals LLC vs. National Merchant Center et al (contract and indebtedness)

Pennymac Corp. vs. Tony Cacic et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Benjamin P. Blue et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al vs. Kimberli Cotton-Deleonardis (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA et al vs. Mark S. Bickal (mortgage foreclosure)

First America Bank vs. Douglas R. Wagner et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Tuesday, APRIL 29, 2014

Melinda A. Walk vs. Joan Devine Schank et al (auto negligence)

HCA Health Services of Florida Inc. vs. James L. Mills et al (contract and indebtedness)

Ana M. Lopez vs. Manatee County Public Utilities (negligence)

Wendy K. Warren-Gagne vs. Floridian Gulf Development Inc. (negligence)

Bank of America NA vs. John A. Dees et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. ernesto Ramos et al (mortgage foreclosure)

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