Florida must fix vague law on rolling-right turns at red-light camera intersections

May 3, 2014 


Sgt. Mike Kenyan with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office traffic enforcement unit approves a violation after reviewing the video. Kenyan is one of the examiners for red light violators caught on red light cameras in Manatee County. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


I have been watching and reading with interest the letters to you and the paper's editorial regarding "right turn on red" at camera intersections.

Apparently, I got my citation at a very well known intersection: SR 70 at Tara Boulevard. Several people have written you about that intersection, and I personally know several people in this east Bradenton area where I reside that have received citations for the same intersection.

When calling the customer service line for questions, I was told that I obviously did not stop before turning right. This is contrary to the photos sent to me that show my brake lights on at the stop line.

Then, they show me making a turn at a point where there could not have been cross traffic and no danger.

They also told me to watch the video, which I could not bring up and the man on the phone could not bring up either.

We can complain all we want, but why is the law understood from various legal opinions that the City of Bradenton interprets it one way and Manatee County interprets it another.

When is FDOT going to address this issue? Would it not be a traffic law that affects the entire state of Florida?

When is our Legislature going to do something beneficial for the people?

When is one of our prestigious law firms that claim they do so much for the community going to take this on pro-bono?

This is nothing but an income stream for someone! Best said to politicians: "Let your conscious be your guide!"

Marlene Galla


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