Arming school staff could invite tragedy

May 2, 2014 

Do not allow school teachers or staff to carry weapons.

Rep. Greg Steube has a misguided view of what the real need is. Adding more guns into the process will not save one soul.

Despite background checks and safety training programs, even legal guns get into the hands of someone who may "snap" at a later date.

Since pre-purchase systems do not perform any form of behavior investigation, anything could happen.

I offer this scenario: A well-meaning teacher gets cleared and trained properly, purchases a weapon in good faith, has a principal who lets the teacher or counselor carry the weapon into the school.

After some time the teacher begins to have some personal problems at home, with students, and maybe with some co-workers. No one picks up the signs of these stresses.

A student fight breaks out in the school cafeteria and the stressed-out teacher, feeling threatened, snaps, firing off all the rounds in the handgun, killing or maiming students or teachers in the room.

Now this may all sound quite unbelievable; however, it happens daily in workplaces, malls, schools, and other locations all around this country.

I am not against responsible and legal gun ownership but even Wyatt Earp knew that by taking the weapons away when people entered the town, he reduced the number of gunfights and deaths.

In order to accomplish this we would need well trained law enforcement personnel on location. The problem is where does the money come from?

In the interim parents, teachers, counselors, and others need to begin paying more attention to the signs of changed behavior and other signs that may trigger a tragic event.

Philip A Guercio


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