City makes left-turn change at downtown Bradenton intersection

Posted by MARC R. MASFERRER on April 29, 2014 

Bradenton officials Tuesday painted on the pavement new arrows they say will make it easier to turn left from eastbound Third Avenue West onto northbound Ninth Street West in downtown Bradenton by making left turns possible from both lanes. Ninth Street West leads to the Green Bridge and Palmetto. MARC R. MASFERRER/Bradenton Herald

BRADENTON -- The city has made a change at a downtown Bradenton intersection that officials say will make it easier to get on the Green Bridge to Palmetto.

Crews Tuesday morning painted on the pavement arrows that designate its OK to turn left from both eastbound lanes of Third Avenue West onto northbound Ninth Street West, which leads to the Green Bridge. Previously, a lefthand turn was allowed only from the left lane.

"The improvements will be in effect today," the city said in a news release Tuesday. "This intersection improvement was approved by the Florida Department of Transportation Department and will allow more vehicles to turn northbound heading to Palmetto."

State and local officials have been trying to relieve traffic congestion on the Green Bridge, one of two direct links between Bradenton and Palmetto. Also in the works are dedicated right-turn lanes on Ninth Street West, at the intersections with Third Avenue West and Manatee Avenue West.

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