Obamacare a big success, despite GOP opposition

April 28, 2014 

Good news for Democrats, bad news for Republicans. The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) is a success.

Eight million Americans have signed up, exceeding the previous predictions of 6 or 7 million. Another 3.5 million Americans have been covered by the Medicaid expansion. And this is only in the first year of open enrollment!

Thus over 10 million Americans -- many of whom could not get healthcare, either due to preexisting conditions or their inability to pay -- now have access to medical care.

And this has been accomplished while lowering the deficit by $100 billion more than the CBO had originally predicted.

Healthcare exchanges across the nation have signed up 8 million Americans for private health insurance, supported by government subsidies and protected by federal regulations.

Thanks to ACA, Americans cannot be dropped when they get sick. Their "out of pocket" expenses are for the first time limited by law.

Americans now have no caps on their coverage. Their policies must include preventative medicine.

Women or those with preexisting conditions cannot be discriminated against. Contraception and family planning must be covered. Mental health conditions must be covered. So much death and suffering will be averted.

In spite of conservative condemnation and the millions spent by the Koch brothers and others, Americans clamored to sign up.

Floridians came in second, only to California, in signing up for Obamacare, despite Tallahassee's refusal to set up our own exchange or welcome ACA navigators.

This is good news for Democratic and Republican citizens alike. The bad news is for Republican politicians who continue to say they want to repeal Obamacare and take all of this away.

And, we must make sure that this is bad news for those politicians who continue to refuse to expand Medicaid to over 1 million Floridians.

James Frazier


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