Use Gulf of Mexico, not Manatee River, for powerboat racing

April 28, 2014 

Sometime ago we saw in the paper that people were very upset about the upcoming Manatee River powerboat event because of the damage it could do to the manatees and other wildlife on the river.

We were under the understanding that the local government was looking into that and had led us to believe that they would think twice before holding the venue on the river.

Now we see that the race is still being planned to be held on the river and the city wants the revenue they plan to get from the race but nothing is said about the "bad" elements such a race would bring into the area.

Bottom line, a race like this should take place on the Gulf, not the smaller rivers. Not only will the wildlife be in danger, the erosion on the shores on the river would be much more prevalent than on the Gulf shores just because of the vast expanse of the waterways.

Races like this are normally viewed from the beaches and not the protected river banks. There are beaches galore on the Gulf. Why not utilize them?

Henry Altschul


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