Obama falling short on health care, energy policies

April 28, 2014 

It's really hard to understand the excitement expressed by President Obama and the liberal media as they announced that some 7 million people had signed up for the Affordable (?) Care Act.

After all, that number only represents approximately 2 percent of the American population. How could anyone consider that an overwhelming success?

What's going on with the other 98 percent? How about releasing that information on a statistical basis?

Look up the Buckeye Pipeline or Buckeye Partners on the Internet. You will find out that it started up in 1886, runs over 6,000 miles of pipelines and connects to at least another 3,000 miles of lines operated by other companies.

When was the last time you heard about a leak, spill, major environmental damage or other problem?

The majority of our railroad tracks and many of the bridges that our trains travel over are in need of repair or replacement. Obama, while campaigning, promised to address the bridge situation. Never to be heard about since.

Then in the April 11 Bradenton Herald, an article appeared reporting that the delivery of many commodities including grains and crops are being delayed due to the railroad system delivering more crude oil than ever before.

Most of this increase is coming from the Bakkan oil fields in the Dakotas. This is putting a strain on the rail system and driving up the price of other goods.

All this is going on while Obama refuses to allow the much needed and safe Keystone pipeline to be built. Wish he could tell us why.

It would actually be more environmentally friendly, would make us less dependent on foreign oil and would save us money.

So what are Obama's true objectives? Improving our economy or continuing to drive us deeper in debt while turning us into a bankrupt state?

David Altenbach


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