Manatee County Boys-Girls Clubs CEO resignation a travesty

April 26, 2014 


I am writing on my own behalf in response to the recent forced resignation of the CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Manatee County (BGCMC) featured in the Herald's front page article of April 22.

Having grown up in Manatee County, I have had a 60-year relationship with the BGCMC. It started as a Little Leaguer. I served on the Ninth Street Club Board, have chaired many committees, and most recently was the founding president of the foundation for the BGCMC.

In my 40 years of board participation, I cannot recall one instance in which the NAACP offered its guidance, manpower, funding or mentoring.

The truth is that the vast majority of support came from a bunch of middle-class guys (and lately, women) who chose to offer their time, skills and treasure in order to do the right thing in support of the minority children of Manatee County. To my knowledge, they did so unselfishly without as much as a nod of acknowledgement from the NAACP.

BGCMC was extremely fortunate to obtain the services of Marc Dosogne. Marc has a proven track record of youth service and successful Boys and Girls Clubs experience.

With the groundwork laid by retired CEO Carl Weeks and the board, the BGCMC was perfectly situated to benefit from Marc's experience.

Marc clearly made some ill-considered comments for which he offered a sincere apology. The NAACP considered the apology inadequate.

We have lost the experience and guidance of an executive who had excited and energized the clubs and the board. That is now all lost.

At a minimum, our plans have been set back by two years.

The NAACP has bent the BGCMC to its will. I hope the NAACP is satisfied with its pound of flesh.

They should know that the pound of flesh will not come from the hides of a group of middle-class people. It will come from the hopes and aspirations of the minority youth of Manatee County, the very people that the NAACP claims to serve.

Allen Butler


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