Resurrection central to Christian faith

April 26, 2014 

The Herald's April 19 Faith and Values pages were bombarded by a blitzkrieg of opinions from the new humanist left and liberal new age people who want to water down the Christian Bible, the word of God.

The question was asked "Can you question the resurrection and still be a Christian?" The answer is very simple: No! Period.

Yes, you can be a humanist, a liberal or one of the new age persuasion trying to bring everyone into a one-world religion as prophesied in the Bible. Kimberly Winston states the phrase "On the third day, he rose again."

Matt 27:63 and Luke 23.7 are the heart of the Easter story. She is right but she does not mention the other 19 times he appeared to his disciples or the 40 days he was seen and ministered.

John Messer


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