Animal abuse: cattle left in blazing sun without shade

April 25, 2014 

Last summer I witnessed three disturbing scenes. With global warming, grazing cows are suffering the worst.

Too many herds are in open areas without one tree to escape the sun and this seems especially true on Moccasin Wallow Road, U.S. 41 North, corners of 69th and 73rd streets and other areas.

1. I saw nine cows pressing against barbed wire bleeding, trying to get out of 102 degrees sun. There were huge oak trees on the other side of the barbed wire near 69th Street.

Can't someone just cut the fence in such a way to go on the other side of those trees to give them relief?

2. I saw a mother cow standing over her two new calves so they wouldn't get cooked alive -- at least six times! I drove home to get my camera, but they had left the area.

3. Another day I saw one cow standing behind the tall trunk of a palm tree, which only sheltered her a few inches.

These instances are pathetic. I have attended cattlemen meetings, call sheriff's offices, agricultural division, the president and vice presidents of cattlemen associations and I hear "all my cows have shade," "there's no law that says shade has to be given," "call me if you see actual human abuse."

Isn't there anyone who has influence to create a law that says "Owners of pastures must have at least five trees that provide shade, or huge pieces of burlap, tarp or canvas to shade the herd numbers adequately?" The problem would be solved in two days.

This is neglect and torture of animals and I liken it to the Napier animal sanctuary travesty, only this is right open to the public -- and no one is addressing this.

Deanna Griffin


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