Florida should ban Sharia law from state court system

April 25, 2014 

Listen up, my fellow Florida citizens. On April 11, the Florida House Judiciary Committee voted 13 to 6 to approve HB 903.

Also, on April 11, the Florida Senate voted 8 to 6 to approve SB 386.

The name of the bill voted on is "Application of American Laws for American Courts," which is legislation to prohibit use of Sharia law in Florida courts.

Sharia law is the law of Muslims. It can be severe, and its application by radical Muslims is reflective of an ancient barbaric culture. For example, a person's hand can be cut off if convicted of theft. The person's foot can be cut off on the opposite side for a second offense.

A father can kill or disfigure his daughter for "dishonoring" his family, without being punished.

Passing a law to prohibit Sharia law in our courts is a "no brainer," right?

Wrong! Please note that the vote was not 19-0 in the House, and it was not 14-0 in the Senate! Why!

Twelve of the committee members in our Florida government voted to (in effect) allow Sharia law in Florida courts. The votes were right down party lines; 21 Republicans voted yes, to prohibit, and 12 Democrats voted no, which would allow Sharia law.

Now this is curious; why did 12 individual Democrats from all corners of Florida vote in a solid block in favor of Sharia law? Are they all Muslim sympathizers? Were they all bought by an abundance of Muslim lobbyist money?

This is a case where obedient loyalty has turned off their brains and made the Democrats on the committee traitors by endorsing a foreign government.

If the Democrat legislators are so anxious to abandon America's constitutional rules of law, then thank God they are not the majority vote in Florida.

John J. Oezer


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