Goblin plays St. Petersburg

The Italin prog band is best known for soundtracks for Aregento films

April 24, 2014 


You may be a fan of Goblin and not even know it.

The Italian prog-rock band reunited 15 years ago after taking 22 years off. Five years back the band played its first live shows in 32 years.

They've always had a devoted cult following for their albums, but they're most widely known for their movie soundtrack work. They've provided the music for most of horror-meister Dario Argento's best films, including "Suspiria" and "Profondo Rosso." If you've seen those movies, you've probably noticed the chillingly atmospheric music,

Goblin's playing tonight at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg. Dark and droning Fort Worth duo Pinkish Black opens.

Goblin has a serpentine history that dates back to 1972. Lots of members have circulated through the band's ranks, and at one time there were several different versions of the band, each populated by different former members. Some of them went by such names as Back to the Goblin, Goblin Rebirth and New Goblin.

The one that's coming to St. Petersburg is just plain old Goblin, and the latest information is that this version of the band has almost all the original members.

Details: 7 p.m. (doors), April 24, State Theatre, 687 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. Tckets: $25 general, $65 VIP. Information: 727-895-3045, www.statetheatreconcerts.com

-- Marty Clear

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