Manatee County enforcement of red-light cameras unfair

April 22, 2014 

Reading about the right-turn-on-red confusion makes me wonder what our priorities are. What is really important? It reminds me of instant replay in the NFL, but on a more serious level.

It seems like the right of due process has been overruled or forgotten.

If the city of Bradenton allows a rolling turn on red without stopping, and Manatee County does not, and since we really don't know if we are driving in the city or county because of the seemingly capricious annexing of land by the city, how can the law be applied equally and without prejudice?

Besides these issues, was not the intent of the red-light camera law to reduce fatal accidents in intersections, and not to be just a source of revenue?

There are no similarities between someone blowing through a red light at high speed and a conscientious driver rolling carefully around a right turn.

I'm not writing this because of any citation. I just think the cameras should not cover the right turn lane because of the unfairness of the application of the law.

Our Constitution does guarantee the fairness of due process.

Jeff Reuter


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