Blame W.Va. Democrats, not GOP, for rejecting Medicaid

April 22, 2014 

Regarding Mr. Ed Siemaszko's letter published on April 14, he relates the plight of West Virginians who are poor, unemployed or homeless and their inability to obtain affordable health care through Medicaid as reported in the "60 Minutes" piece "The Health Wagon."

He points out that West Virginia, like Florida, refused to accept additional federal Medicaid funding. From there he derides Florida Republicans as the source of our problems while implying that the same is true in West Virginia.

There's just one flaw in his reasoning regarding West Virginia. It's a Democrat-controlled state and has been for many years.

A small bit of Internet research reveals that currently the governor is a Democrat. In the legislature the breakdown is Senate 25 Democrats and nine Republicans while the House has 54 Democrats and 46 Republicans.

So, how is it that our Florida Republicans influenced West Virginia Democrats to act in a similar manner?

Could it be that in West Virginia, it's the Democrats who have no problem taking care of themselves and those who don't need taking care of?

It would also appear it's the Democrats who have a blind eye and cold heart when it comes to taking care of those who need help.

Larry Covins


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