On older motorists: Toughen driving tests for everyone

April 21, 2014 

Recently there have been a few serious auto accidents involving old people, and as usual the call goes out to take their driver's license away or to make them take a driver's test.

However, it is against the law to discriminate against anyone or any group, so to just simply pick on old people would not be legal.

As far as testing old folks for a driver's renewal is concerned, I have an answer which should be fair to all and my plan works like this.

Every driver will have to take this test regardless of age and not just first-time applicants. Keep in mind that the object is to get bad drivers off the roads, and not just old people are bad drivers.

It will consist of two tests. The first test will be 50 questions based on the Florida Driver's Handbook, and you must answer at least 45 questions correctly to pass. If you fail this test, that's it, you cannot renew your license.

The second part will be a road test for an hour.

The first half hour will consist of you driving the car you brought and will include parallel parking. Cars with the self-park feature will be prohibited.

If you brought a car with an automatic transmission you will drive that for the first half hour but for the second you will have to drive a car with a stick shift.

If you brought a stick shift car, then for the second half you will drive a car with an automatic. Cars will be supplied by the state.

You never know when in an emergency you just may have to drive a stick shift car, or worse yet, parallel park a stick shift car.

I think this test will most certainly lead to much better drivers here in Florida.

William E. Kemmler


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