Same-sex marriage bound to prevail thanks to Supreme Court ruling

April 21, 2014 

I would like to congratulate the U.S. Supreme Court for determining that money is free speech. This could be the silver bullet that will pave the way to nationwide legality of same-gender marriage by forcing a blanket striking down of all state constitutional bans on same-gender marriage making it legal across America.

Since federal benefits are now available to all same-gender married couples nationwide regardless if the domicile state of married couples does not recognize same-gender marriage despite the "will of the people," it's only a matter of time until enough lawsuits are won in favor of providing state benefits regarding money, even if it is just a single benefit, for just a few bucks.

The court's finding puts individual state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in direct violation of the federal constitution protecting the free speech and free expression rights of gay married couples.

And even if it is determined marriage benefits regarding finances are not free speech, I believe marriage in itself is free speech as well as freedom of expression, not to mention the guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- which are unjustly denied gay couples by marriage bans for no apparent logical or rational reason.

Some religious minded individuals might feel same-gender marriage somehow violates their First Amendment right of free exercise of religion (it neither does nor can it), but state bans on same-gender marriage violates constitutionally protected rights of due process, equal protection, and now, thanks to the Supreme Court's decision, free speech and free expression rights of gay couples if they are banned from marriage.

That's minimally three very powerful reasons vs. one extremely weak (nonexistent) reason against allowing marriage rights for gay couples. Constitutional amendments are for protecting rights, not inhibiting them,

Thank you, Supreme Court.

Gerrard Wilbur


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