Abortion, gay issues are province of government

April 18, 2014 

I would like to comment on a letter in the April 11 Herald that had a PS, and I quote, "Abortion and anti-gay/lesbian opinions are both religious matters and have no place in the legislative process."

I vehemently disagree with that statement. Anytime a human being is harmed in any way, it is not just a religious matter. It is a matter of ethics, life and death. Abortion destroys a human being.

Anti-gay/lesbian opinions are not just a religious matter but a blatant disregard for the rights of the masses. It is giving rights to 2 percent of the population while trampling on the rights of the masses.

Homosexuality is not in itself destroying America but its rise and acceptance shows the heart of America. That in itself is destroying America along with the promotion of other anti-biblical agendas.

It would seem that we have neglected our moral compass. Our current president claims that we are not a Christian nation and not only neglects to mention "our Creator" when often misquoting the Declaration of Independence, but is the first president to talk about "gay rights" in his inauguration speech.

He has a different standard to live by and pushes an agenda which goes contrary to the Hand of Providence, which he refuses to recognize.

That alone can destroy America unless the American people will once again be counted on to take a stand against the oppression of the masses and allow us to be a Christian nation once again.

Nancy L. Davis


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