Teachers, not pop stars, are inspiration for success

April 18, 2014 

Justin Bieber Arrest

This Jan. 23, 2014, file photo made available by the Miami Beach Police Department shows Justin Bieber at the police station in Miami Beach after his arrest on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and possessing an invalid driver's license. AP Photo/Miami Beach Police Department, File


I just read the article in the Sunday Parade insert about the salaries of different people and the jobs they have. It's amazing how much the "temporary talent" -- think Justin Bieber, and soon to be Miley Cyrus -- make in salary.

And you look at the salaries of people who work to help people, it is too bad they don't make more.

But the one that puzzles me the most are the salaries of the teachers. I get sick and tired (only because of the end of my sentence) of hearing how important and instrumental our education system is to our most precious commodity, our children.

If they are so important, as every politician in Washington keeps harping on, why do they not pay teachers more?

How many successful adults say they were encouraged by a teacher, or teachers in their school days? And how many say they are successful because of the influence that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus had on them in their school years?

Mike Scruggs


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