Camera law revision on rolling right turns on red poorly crafted

April 17, 2014 

Thank you, Sgt. Mike Kenyan, Traffic Unit Supervisor of Manatee County, for adding to the chaos caused by well-intentioned public servants like you with regard to the "rolling right on red" controversy in Manatee County.

My point in writing this letter and my previous one on April 4 is that there is a huge amount of confusion in Manatee County with regard to turning right on a red.

I don't object to the law citing those folks who tear straight across an intersection after the light has turned red. Of course this is dangerous and is the reason, sadly, that Mark Wandall is dead.

The problem rests with a common belief based on anecdotal experiences and perpetuated by some traffic officials that it's OK to turn right on a red without coming to a full stop as long as your way is clear and, according to the statute, you do it in a "careful and prudent manner."

I didn't make this stuff up. I just happened to be one of the few people who has written a letter to the editor.

Manatee County and the camera company are benefiting financially from this poorly crafted law and it isn't fair.

It reminds me of the third-world nation I grew up in, except that if we were stopped by the Guardia Nacional we could slide a $20 to him and be sent on our way without a ticket. The scofflaws just have to figure out how to get the camera to take the bribe.

Kathleen Richardson


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