Ryan budget favors rich at expense of Social Security, Medicare

April 17, 2014 

I'm a little confused here folks. I'm assuming that most of the letters here are written by middle-class folks like me but a lot of them seem to lean heavily to the right.

When Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., came out with his "Path to Prosperity" budget that said they will cut Social Security and Medicare and give this money to the rich as another huge tax cut, they stood up and yelled "you got my vote."

Are they crazy? Why don't they just take their next Social Security check, endorse it and send it to a billionaire of their choice.

I'm sure it will be appreciated since billionaires think they will never have enough money. Maybe they think we should pay back the $100 million or so that the Koch brothers lost trying to buy the last election.

The Koch brothers, who by the way have spent millions trying to get Obamacare repealed, seem to have no trouble getting their employees enrolled in it.

It seems there is something called "the temporary reinsurance program" which subsidizes employers costs for workers who retire before they are eligible for Medicare. Koch Industries uses it as well as other right-leaning corporations such as UPS, AT&T, Pfizer and Lockheed.

So I guess it's OK to save money with Obamacare even while trying to get it repealed.

I think they should stop worrying about socialists running the country and start worrying about big money and tell Rep. Ryan that his Path to Prosperity does not run through my Social Security check.

William Roberts


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