Pastor's stand on gay rights is not universally embraced

April 16, 2014 

What exactly is a diverse future God? What is an ever-evolving Christ? These odd concepts come to us from Rev. Robert Sichta. He is a pastor at the Congregational United Church of Christ.

He recently wrote a column published April 12 in the Herald calling everyone who doesn't share his views on gay rights a bigot.

According to him, if you are one of those humans who clings to the traditional attitude about homosexuality that our species has held since we came out of Africa 100,000 years ago, then you are a bigot.

If you have not quite woken up to the beauty of two men having sex, then you, my friend, are very slow indeed.

All things gay are celebrated by Rev. Sichta and his church. The Manatee County Gay Pride Festival was for him a confirmation of his own enlightenment. He liked the photo that appeared in the Herald of a grown man in a dress calling himself "Agatha Frisky" frolicking with two young boys.

Perhaps like you I am not sure how I feel about gay marriage. I guess I tend to believe that government should stay out of our personal lives.

However, I do not like being called a bigot by a self-righteous pastor like Sichta just because I have not finished drinking the Kool-Aid on this issue.

Franklin Roberts


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