Pending growth will further weaken our infrastructure

April 16, 2014 

Is the question a bridge too busy, not enough bridges, not enough infrastructure or too many people? (Herald editorial, April 13.)

We are finally getting a bridge at Fort Hammer that has been under discussion for over 50 years. It is obsolete before it is built with only two lanes.

In an article in the April 11 Bradenton Herald, it was stated that over 7,000 homes are approved to be built in the north county area. At an average of only two autos per household, that is (conservatively) 14,000 additional autos added to the roads and bridges to move traffic south.

The article also stated that there are already inadequate sewer lines for this planned development.

While we consider the subject of inadequate infrastructure, where is the water coming from? Where is the garbage going?

Where are the schools being built? Is there funding?

Where are the roads and bridges to handle the additional traffic?

Awhile back, impact fees were lowered to stimulate growth. Have they been raised to their former level? Or more to cover the predicted growth? They seem to have stimulated the desired growth.

Just a thought: Wasn't it out-of-control growth that our county and state had problems with a few years ago?

Paul D. Smith


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