Manatee school board should keep Miller land

April 15, 2014 


McKelvey Park was dedicated and named for Bob McKelvey, for his 38 years of service at Jessie P. Miller Elementary School in Bradenton. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald file photo


I read that there is a possibility that the school board is considering selling the property adjacent to Jesse P. Miller Elementary School, and that concerns me. I would hope that the school board would not make that mistake.

It does not make any sense to compound the mistakes that you have already made. You are considering selling the property to gain a financial increase on the funds that have been lost due to lord knows what.

As you must know, I assume, this county is growing and will continue to grow. Along with growth the need to build more schools will come.

The possibility also exists that the size of certain schools may have to increase. The property in question, if sold, would cost much more in the future to replace.

If you need to raise taxes to get out of the mess that we are in, do so. Don't let your concern for your political future stand in your way of doing the right thing.

Along with public safety and medical personnel, teachers are the most important ingredient in life. They define the future of this world with the people they teach.

Let's be sure and make the right decisions; it will ensure a great school district in Manatee County.

Gene Gallo


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