Sidenote: Manatee History Matters column stirs fond memories

April 15, 2014 

After the first edition of this article came out last week, I received an email from a man named Thomas Kibler who said he met Hal after being elected to the County Bank Board of Directors. He told me how the article brought back a lot of good memories of Grandpa hauling his cook stove out to Tom's ranch and frying up mullet for the crew while they worked the cattle. Tom also sent me a copy of a photo Hal had taken of "Lettuce Lake," a particularly beautiful spot on Tom's property. Scrawled on the back of the photo was the following note:


Dear Tom:

If I were asked to title this picture, I believe I would entitle it "Lettuce Lake Therapy." For here there are no broken fences, dried-up water holes, sterile

bulls, barren cows, telephones, poor cattle markets, etc. There is only the quiet and serenity of the past hundreds of years. So, join me in letting the memory of Lettuce Lake ease all our frustrations.

Thank you for letting me enjoy your land and above all Lettuce Lake,

Hal Chasey

-- Tori Chasey Edwards

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