Medicare should be recycling fairly new medical devices

April 14, 2014 

This letter relates to "Medicare provided devices being sold at garage sales."

This topic has had me concerned ever since my mother received a power wheelchair from Medicare. At no cost, a power wheelchair was delivered to her because she needed one to get around. She used it approximately five times before she passed away.

I then discovered that Medicare did not manage the used chairs but issued everyone qualified a brand new chair.

I tried to return the chair so someone else on Medicare could use it but they did not want the chair back. I discovered that no one wanted this chair because when I tried to sell it, I found that no one would buy it because the government (Medicare) was giving them out for free.

I also found out that many other families had similar stories. Their loved one had only used their power chair for a few times before they passed away.

So, what is wrong with this picture? It is this: Medicare should have a third party (company) manage the hardly used chairs, They would pick them up, sanitize and refurbish them, and give them to the next needy person.

This process could be used for most of the medical assistance devices provided by Medicare, such as walkers, canes, bedside potties, special beds, etc.

Judging by the millions of these items being given out by Medicare, managing the slightly used items and recycling them could save taxpayers many millions of dollars.

Come on Congress, this is not rocket science!

William Giunta


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