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April 12, 2014 


The following parents are proud to announce the births of their babies:

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Cooper, Noah Matthew, a boy to Jessica Moreno and Jacob Cooper, Bradenton, March 25, 2014

Delong, Addison Kay, a girl to Amanda and Kody Delong, Bradenton, March 31, 2014

Manatee Memorial Hospital

Cothran, Wyatt Jaxon, a boy to Emma A. and Jeffrey T. Cothran, Bradenton, March 31, 2014

Reid, Violet Marie, a girl to Stephanie and Doug Reid, Bradenton, March 31, 2014


These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, MARCH 2, 2014

John Anthony Owen Jr. and Jeanette Lea Parrish

Keith Gary Nasewicz and Annamae Bafia

Dewey Jay Lyle and Michelle Rene Dean-Goellner

Nicholas Victor Greene and Rebecca Kay Chain

Timothy Jerome Pedon and Amelia Juanita Fritzmeier

Jose Luis Arias and Dulce Milagro Linares

Thursday, MARCH 3, 2014

Arthur Raymond Burlew Jr. and Sheila Daniels Goff

Wayne Valjean Wyckoff and Erin Marie Wright

Robert Mitchell Kief and Jillian Mae Hammel Johnson

Kyle Trey Ilsley and Kaitlynn Elizabeth Grear

Misael Sosa-Jimenez and Reyna Santos-Mania

Jose Anthony Pages and Vanya Isabel Ponce-Gutierrez

Byongchul Kim and Yireh Yoon

Robert Charles Samulka and Jennifer Lynn Robinson

Kevin Matthew Brosnan and Melissa Ann McDuffie

Clark Wade Leach and Amy Hildreth

Andrew Michael Glumpe and Gila Julia Cruz

Craig Alonzo Williamson and Danielle Frances Sauthoff

Michael Glenn Walker Jr. and Kristina Catherine Glenn

Luis Edgardo Valladares and Yajaira Carolina Giron Cruz

Friday, MARCH 4, 2014

Kevin Matthew Dhondt and Mary Jane Moreno

Neal Ray Mottesheard and Amy Joy Cunning

Douglas George Welnetz and Karen Elizabeth Archibald

Anthony Scott Riccio and Pearl Kim

Adrian Healey Crowther and Jennifer Lyn Charles

Micahel James Beam and Kimberly Mae Hess

Fred William Bolte and Camilla Woods

Darwin Severino Reyes and Laura Ramirez

Harley Randall Hall and Karol Lee Valentine

Terry Lynn Crittendon and Donna Ann Calmes

Jose Luis Villalvazo and Elizabeth Soto

Mark Alan Goodwin and Angela Marie Rousseau

Sol Mays Jr. and Dale Battle Riggins

Thomas James Schilling and Melissa Lynn Walker

Shawn Robert Lorraine and Lilian Wanja Njoroge

Monday, MARCH 7, 2014

Henryk Michal Jasecki and Paola Cecilia Sanmartin Montalvo

Daniel Mark Pohler and Juliana Marie Monti

James Edward Myers and Chantelle Denise Wilson

James Earl Batts Jr. and Bettye Jane Smith

William David Smith and Lisa Ann Seven

Peter Joseph Lento and Patricia Mary Michener

Rigoberto Navarro Ramos and Maria Cristina Reyes-Madrid

Michael Leighton Kerr and Ora Ann McCray

Brandon James Thompson and Melissa Anne Singleton

Luis Fernando Arboleda Gallego and Christina Ann Nash

Tuesday, MARCH 8, 2014

Cody Kent Stapleton and Jana Louise Duchene

Gerardo Flores and Yeni Benitez Custodio

Charles Kenneth Williams Jr. and Susan Elaine Williams

David Claude Birmingham and Dianna Lynn McWilliams

Charles Raymond Jones and Laura Katherine Mince

Brandon Lee Quinn and Megan Lindsey Koch

Glenn Maxson Kinney and Jane Culpepper


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Wednesday, MARCH 2, 2014

Marcus Ryan Thomas and Sarry Lynn Thomas

Randy Hunt and Lauren A. Reed

Freddie Harvey III and Claudia Harvey

Thursday, MARCH 3, 2014

Edgar Valdez and Monica Rodriguez-Valdez

Damu Moore and Jessica Sue Moore

Wilfredo Dubon Hernandez and Michelle L. Dubon Hernandez

Jeffery W. Morse and Shirlene E. Morse

Randall G. Lawrence and Mary Alice Lawrence

Friday, MARCH 4, 2014

Gregory Donnell Cotton and Sandra Jean Cotton V

Aaron J. Newton and Annique V. Newton

Harry Robert White Jr. and Vikki M. Comarsh-White

Steven Oldham and Mildred E. Oldham

Monday, MARCH 7, 2014

Pedro Salazar Barron and Norma Antunez

Michael A. Romano and Jalene M. Romano

Ronnie Bernard Highsmith and Lena Latoya Highsmith

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