These shelter dogs may die if not adopted by Monday

Posted by MARC R. MASFERRER on April 11, 2014 

The Manatee County Animal Network is putting out another call on behalf of several shelter dogs that could be euthanized if they are not adopted by 5 p.m. Monday from Manatee County Animal Services. They are:

A063766 Jeff is a handsome black and white male is listed as a Pit Bull. He did all his business in the yard so he may have had some house training. He was a bit reserved in the beginning, but he warms up if you bounce a ball for him, he jumps to get it. He also sits and shakes for treats. Jeff is becoming very kennel stressed.

A063041 Valentino is listed as a brown and white, neutered hound mix, male. He is a Napier's dog. He was very shy in the beginning but once in the yard he began to relax. He was somewhat worried about the barking dogs next to the yard, but he eventually relaxed and lay down to enjoy tummy rubs. He is one that needs introduction to tennis balls and toys, but he likes petting and tummy rubs and will give kisses. Valentino is heartworm positive and needs to begin treatment as soon as possible.

A064277 Bambi is a male beagle mix who came in with another dog. Bambi's friend was rehomed but no one has come for this sweet boy yet. He is a bit reserved at first but is very friendly. Bambi is heartworm positive.

A063817 Jack is a chocolate and white male pit mix. His coat is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful coloring. He is very playful and loves people. Jack is heartworm positive and needs to begin treatment as soon as possible.

A062390 Alan is listed as a male Pit Bull mix, He is rather skittish and needs time to get used to you. He does not seem to like his back feet handled, but it may be just a slow process. Alan has been at the shelter since December and is beginning to show signs of kennel stress. Alan needs out of the shelter as soon as possible.

A064027 Dolce is listed as a female Pit Bull mix, approximately two and a half years old. She likes people and will sit and lie down for treats. She gives kisses and likes tummy rubs but more prefers to just sit and spend time with you. Another person stated she likes other dogs she sees, while on walks with them. She is smart, pawing the door to tell us she wanted out of the room, and she did her business when outside. Dolce is probably the sweetest dog ever. She is heartworm positive and is in need of her heartworm treatment as soon as possible.

A055841 Dennis is a sweet dog, with high energy when it came to tennis balls, it is a must for the person that adopts him! Would make a good jogging companion. Dennis has been in and out of the shelter for almost a full year. Dennis does not seem to like other dogs and is having a hard time coping in the shelter environment. Dennis needs a home outside of the shelter without other dogs.

For more information, call Manatee County Animal Shelter at (941) 742-5933.

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