Anti-gun letter missed mark on several points

April 11, 2014 

I read the letter from Sharon Reuter with interest, as just another anti-gun rant.

As for where were all the "good guys with guns," it's reasonable to expect the majority of "good guys with guns," as referred to by Ms. Reuter, were busy going about their daily activities and minding their own business.

Equating private citizens licensed to carry a gun with trained officials responsible for protecting others is illogical, and blaming Wayne LaPierre of the NRA for enabling the tragedies of Gabrielle Giffords, Fort Hood, and others can only be explained as based in severe bias against private gun ownership with no supporting evidence for justification.

Certainly, the remark referring to Fort Hood "there were plenty of armed military and civilian personnel at this installation" clearly illustrates a total lack of understanding of operations on a military base.

It's quite the opposite ... for military personnel and certainly civilian employees are not armed! The fact that the recent shooter in Fort Hood used a personal weapon clearly supports this.

I agree with Ms. Reuter's quote of Wayne LaPierre: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." I disagree with Ms. Reuter's assignment of blame to "good guys" for not being present to deter "bad guys" who have committed these senseless acts.

It is worth noting that none of the shootings occurred where persons prepared to defend themselves are present.

Doug Young

Longboat Key

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