Obamacare enrollment surge a left-wing miracle

April 10, 2014 

Left-wing nonsense and abuse:

Three cheers for Messiah Obama. Surrounded by his Pharisee Satraps, the long-awaited, elusive, 7 millionth person to embrace Obamacare has been announced by his majesty.

Ten days ago Obamacare total sign ups were reported by Mr. Obama's official mouthpiece, to be on hold around 5 million. The time for a miracle had arrived.

Our globe-trotting president actually took enough time from his Air Force One jaunts to stand there among the roses and give his subjects yet another dose of wishful thinking. He is a master of the make believe.

Speaking of Air Force One makes me wonder how any president had the right to campaign day after day and fly hither and yonder, endlessly, at the expense of those who pay the taxes.

Mrs. Obama, taking an entourage of 70 people to China for a month at our expense, is another travesty. These little excursions when added to 15 vacations a year, are, as Carl Sandberg would say, too ... much.

Thomas M. Craig


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