Mass shootings occurring in 'gun-free' zones

April 10, 2014 

Recently the Herald printed a letter from a reader asking where all the "good guys with guns" were at the time of the nation's terrible shootings.

Perhaps the writer is unaware of the fact that nearly all, if not all, of these shootings occurred in "gun-free zones" in which the good guys were not permitted to carry guns.

This "gun-free" area also extends to military bases, including Fort Hood!

Now this brings up another question: If the writer was unaware that these shootings occurred in gun-free zones, why is she unaware of that fact? Could it be because the "mainstream media" ignores this and that she relies only on the "MSM" for her information?

Is the Herald part of that same "mainstream media" and providing misleading and/or incomplete information?

Peter Stasiowski


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