Virginia man at adult club in Key West has credit card swiped for $33,000

April 9, 2014 

The Adult Entertainment Club on Duval Street in Key West is once again accused of making thousands of dollars in unauthorized charges to a customer's credit card.

The final tab: $33,000.

Saturday, Paul Collins Jr., 45, from Mechanicsville, Va., told police he visited the club at 1221 Duval just after midnight. Later that morning, he said, his credit card company called to report the whopping $33,000 in charges.

Collins told police he agreed to pay $800 "for two female entertainers to perform for him," according to a report prepared by Officer Frank Betz. Collins said he signed two separate receipts but didn't receive copies.

Despite hundreds of reports of club employees making fraudulent charges to customer's credit cards, local police haven't taken any action.

Betz somewhat acknowledges this in his report, writing, "I advised [the victim] to request a charge dispute form, which has previously been given to unhappy clients."

The club's website, signs and brochures offer scantily clad women for "bachelor parties, fantasy and fetish shows, nude snorkeling, nude parasailing [and] divorce parties." It offers "free shuttle and 24/7 escort service."

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