Still heartsick over deaths of two dogs, Buck and Bill

April 9, 2014 

Staff Photographer

Dog toys, signs and electronic candles left in support of Buck and Bill line the fence near the front gate of the Manatee County Animal Services facility in Palmetto in March 2014. FILE PHOTO/PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald


I think I am one of many, many people who are still heartsick over the whole situation about Buck and Bill, two beautiful animals, loved so much by their owner, who were put to death by order of a judge.

There were no previous problems with the dogs and the owner was willing to do anything just so they wouldn't be killed -- take them away to somewhere where they would be secured, even out of Florida, I understand, and even other options, only to let them live.

Apparently, her pleas fell on deaf ears because I think the no-mercy judge made up his mind to have them killed and that became a closed subject.

I think the owner of the dogs would have willingly paid a fine, and paid the young man's medical bills and more, but she was given no opportunity, only the heartache of her devoted animals being destroyed, dying in her arms.

Sure, it was awful for the young man who was bitten; everyone would agree on that. Who knows what exactly happened?

And to that letter who didn't understand what the big deal was all about, "after all they are just animals." How coldhearted.

People are so insensitive and don't seem to realize that animals have feelings and emotions, too. They feel pain and fear and love.

Only those of us who love our pets, like they are part of our family, can understand the pain and anguish one feels when they lose that pet.

They love us unconditionally no matter what. They love deeper than a lot of people do.

My heart goes out to Buck and Bill's owner. If I am still heartsick over this, imagine how she feels.

Rev. Shari Sumrall, Church of LightBradenton

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