Some yard-sale items should be donated instead

April 8, 2014 

FILE PHOTO ROBIN TRIMARCHI Shoppers browsed a section of what is being called the World's Widest Yard Sale along U.S. Highway 80 in 2012.

ROBIN TRIMARCHI — Robin Trimarchi

Creekwood recently had their yard sale. I always found a bargain at a yard sale. I bought a workout bench for a couple dollars and my boys used it for a good seven years.

But there are items people sell that I would rather see being donated to disabled veterans associations or senior centers, especially if these items were acquired by a government program. The items range from walkers to wheelchairs to bathroom accessories.

If you did not pay for any of these items, why try to make a profit off of it? The benefits that are being cut for those disabled veterans who cannot walk, who lost an arm, who lost their mental capacity and for those to gain a profit off something that could have benefited a disabled veteran or a senior is just wrong. Give it to an organization that can reuse it for someone who does not have the means to purchase one.

Memorial Day is a day to give thanks for our freedom. Give thanks for those who served to give us our freedom. Memorial Day is to remember what these men and women did for us and what we in turn can do for them without making a profit off of them.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee

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