Quit threatening Manatee County officials in dangerous dog case

April 7, 2014 

Staff Photographer

Dog toys, signs and electronic candles left in support of Buck and Bill line the fence near the front gate of the Manatee County Animal Services facility in Palmetto in March 2014. FILE PHOTO/PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald

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Now that Buck and Bill are, sadly, gone, it is time to stop the death threats, accusing and abusing Manatee County authorities for having to carry out an old Florida state statute regarding dogs who attack and bite.

It is time now for cool heads to prevail and bring an old, outdated statute up to date and into the new century, perhaps give unfortunate animals the chance of living out their lives with new, caring owners in another state, after all we give hardened criminals, murderers, etc. the opportunity of making "plea deals!"

Come on, people, cool off and do something positive, hot heads and threatening rhetoric accomplishes nothing.

Jean Towne


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