Ideas on how to handle Manatee traffic problems

April 7, 2014 


Traffic slowly crosses the Green Bridge into Bradenton. GRANT JEFFERIES/Herald File Photo


Florida will always attract visitors and future residents; therefore, solutions for traffic problems must be improved.

Points of interest:

1. Restrict morning and evening back-up on two bridges "for workers only." A window tag could be helpful. No tag? A penalty.

Employers and professionals, doctors and dentists, etc, could help by having different times for workers and patients. Doctors and dentists, morning hours after and before traffic backup on the bridges.

Others who do not need to drive across the bridges should schedule their medical appointments during backups.

All traffic, except above, should travel at other hours.

2. Manatee Avenue and Sixth Avenue need to change to two-way traffic, east and west.

Authorities, local and state, need to get their "heads out of the sand" and stop delaying what could be simple solutions; changing traffic light timing should help.Policemen could be stationed at Manatee Avenue and Ninth and 15th streets and Sixth and Ninth streets (all east-west traffic), moving traffic on red lights when permitted.

3. Big-time traffic problems will be inevitable unless all housing developments, possibly jointly, would include all amenities. Local government approval.

Will residents and temporary visitors ever have some normal daily traffic? It's sad that our great beaches could suffer due to our future traffic problems.

A coordinated efforts is a must. Serious problems need a solution.

Bill O'Brien


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