Scott campaign ads don't reflect reality

April 7, 2014 

Staff Photographer

Gov. Rick Scott spoke in January at the Gulf Coast Builders Exchange annual dinner at the Polo Grill in Lakewood Ranch. File photo PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald


Are we really going to be subjected to Gov. Rick Scott talking out of the side of his face until election?

He's been doing it since he became governor but now we have visuals. He is using his life as an example to motivate poor people? Is he suggesting that they should all perpetrate fraud?

The fact that he has so much money to spend tells me he wasn't fined enough for his Medicare fraud.

His ad wants us to forget that he gutted education, and he allowed people to go hungry and lose their homes because he doesn't like Obama so he refused the high-speed rail option.

Scott is allowing people to suffer and possibly die because he is refusing Medicaid.

How much of the taxpayers' money has he wasted trying to bribe corporations to move here without success? How many millions of taxpayers money has he wasted on frivolous lawsuits?

I am so sick of all the negative ads describing the Affordable Care Act. Many are blatant lies.

And are any of the public railing against the ACA collecting Social Security or Medicare? Just like Congress denying insurance to many in need while enjoying the luxury of full coverage themselves.

This type of life-threatening (to others) hypocrisy makes me furious.

I can't imagine the type of person who would vote against the act and deprive desperately ill fellow Americans a chance at life. Have we lost our humanity completely?

Can you really sacrifice six million humans for politics? There is no other help out there for them.

Don't let the politicians keep manipulating you; they don't care about you.

They thought it more important to indulge themselves and vote 50 times against the ACA. We've got to quit being a pawn for all of these politicians and their money.

Doris Scherette


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