Common Core not education answer for future

April 6, 2014 

Common Core is like trying to put high-performance tires on a covered wagon. Why don't we work on building a new spaceship?

We clearly have a massive problem with our education system. I am not interested, however, in entering into the Common Core debate. That's the wrong battle.

Politicians are fighting over which content to use in a system that isn't necessarily broken, it is just obsolete.

I am a working mom with elementary-age children. I was told that Common Core gave me straightforward guidelines about what kids need to learn.

But as I read the articles and watched the videos ( I was alarmed with a more pressing question. It sounds like the problem belongs to the government not being able to measure, but my child's learning has become collateral damage.

These core standards are based on making kids competitive in the world economy of 2014.

My son is not going be participating in the world economy for 12 more years. How does anyone know what that economy is going to look like in 2026?

If my problem is educating a living, breathing human to participate successfully in a world economy 12 years from now, I just can't seem to understand how these guidelines are useful.

What if we asked our most innovating business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos to tell us what they are looking for in human capital. According to Fast Company, CEO's are looking for creativity, resiliency, flexibility, high tolerance for risk as well as the courage to fail. This is quite the opposite of what the Common Core Standards translate to in the classroom.

We need to look at the problem from an innovative place. Fighting about Common Core is just moving chess pieces around an old and tired board.

Cherie DiNoia


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