Be wary of door-to-door sales people selling 'books'

April 6, 2014 

Over the past five-plus years there have been teenagers, young men, coming to our door selling magazines in order to earn money, fund school trips, etc.

We have given them the lecture about getting a real job and that this was not the best way to earn money and sent them on their way.

In February the young man who knocked at our door had a very convincing tale, and we did not give our usual lecture but gave a check purchasing "books" for a children's hospital.

And yes, we contributed. Long story short: They cashed my check, the young man lied about where he lived and the hospital never received the books.

I have gone to the local sheriff's office, and a deputy spoke with me briefly but was not interested in the information, made no report and basically gave a brief lecture about not answering the door.

My purpose was to address this operation of using young people who are under the control of older "experienced" adults. In the past I have asked of the police how do these young persons get into the neighborhoods.

I have been told that someone drops them off and picks them up, but no law has been violated.

Yes, I am embarrassed that I fell for the story, but I am more concerned about this young man who was very pleasant and will be trained in lying. He needs help and his boss needs to be caught and the racket uncovered.

Wylene Graham


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