Letter of the Week, March 30-April 5

April 6, 2014 

Year-round residents ready to be 'day trippers' to Anna Maria Island

Soon tourist season will end. Life as we year-round residents know it will quiet down. Life on the island will slow down. Businesses on the island tend to struggle in the summer to keep afloat until our Northern guests return. This is where we "day trippers" come in.

This is the time of year when we head out to the beach more to enjoy island activities and patronage island businesses, the time of year when I as a "Day Tripper" can enjoy the beautiful island maintained by my tax dollars and the tax dollars of every Manatee County citizen. I am proud to be a "Day Tripper."

The remarks made last year by the mayors of Anna Maria and Holmes Beach were insulting, saying the "less than desirable visitors" were the "day trippers." And while it may not be "what they meant," it is what they said.

Charmian Miller and I decided to embrace their derogatory remarks and created our "AMI Day Tripper" bumper stickers. The first 500 stickers have sold and now we plan to give back to the island again by donating our profits to the Anna Maria Island Community Center.

We would like to thank Duffy's Tavern for helping us sell our stickers. With your support and the support of all who purchased stickers, our donation to the AMI Community Center, on behalf of all the "AMI Day Trippers", will be over $600.

Charmian and I were both Island residents at one time and enjoyed every minute of it. Life changes, as have things on the island since those days. I guarantee issues with the "less than desirable visitors" and parking have nothing to do with us "Day Trippers" and more to do with all of the multi-unit rentals being built without adequate parking spaces.

Debbie Pinkley


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