Obamacare disaster will doom Democrats in future

April 5, 2014 

The "dead line" for signing up for socialized Obamacare was Monday at midnight.

Despite claiming there would be no extensions -- like they claimed you could keep your doctor, health insurance and hospital if you liked them, in last year's biggest lies -- they now claim if you are in line to sign up you have an extension to finish.

This makes over 200 modifications to this law the president has made with no legal authority to do so.

He did this because the law is a Democrat disaster that is falling apart at the seams and costing his party their complete control of the nation.

One morning this week the website was down for more than four hours. According to MSNBC, four of five people who have signed up require subsidies.

A CBS/AP report claims "about three quarters" of payers who sign up are paying more for their insurance than before.

The White House that lied so many times in the past claims over 7 million have signed up, yet they claim not to know how many have actually paid. If you have not paid you are not insured!

They claim not to know how many enrollees are Medicaid rollovers or those who had their insurance canceled due to Obamacare. Estimates are that this pool exceeds 4.5 million.

In short, this is one big disastrous Democrat lie that will destroy their Socialist dreams for decades to come.

David R. Kraner


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