Reject medical marijuana, and stop societal slide

April 3, 2014 

Not OK, but the fact that marijuana is apparently taking hold of reason and forging ahead at the desires of those who seek to hide realities behind a mind-altering drug at whatever the cost to others in lives and money and who could care less about the rest of humanity so long as they get "theirs."

Much has been and more will be said and written about the various excuses, like, for example, popular medicinal claims.

So here we are in a country being brought down steadily by notable Marxist efforts trying to hide behind socialism, itself a misnomer.

Consider this: As the fad spreads, so too will the need for law enforcement to keep up the huge added expense involved. If I were a law enforcement officer I would already be expecting a wage increase at least equal to the percentage increase of the personal risks associated without even mentioning public money.

I read where California is already beginning to woe the day they legalized the stuff back in 1996. Probably, Colorado will eventually follow as "the folks" realize they've been had! Possibly the answer in both the marijuana and gambling problem is simply to tax them out of existence ... something that "we the people" can control!

From this you can probably tell which side I favor. True!

My immediate concern is for the safety and welfare of my family and that of a mind-altered person behind the wheel of a vehicle that involves me, or mine, in a so-called "accident."

The time to consider all pros and cons is now. We will get just one chance at the polls to accept all that goes with legalization or to squelch it -- kinda like the gambling question, another loser. All we can really hope for reason at the polls! After marijuana, what's next?

Rolland S. Freeman

Longboat Key

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