Intentions of George Soros raise lots of questions

April 2, 2014 

Bob Kushner's March 24 letter on the Koch brothers caught my eye. Sir, maybe you could do us all a favor by also researching George Soros, making sure you select only websites hostile to Soros, as with the Kochs.

Billionaire Soros supports progressive politicians, groups and causes. He once said in a speech that he enjoyed wrecking the economies of nations; it made him "feel like a god." This clip was shown on TV.

He claimed to have mercilessly wrecked the economies of six nations. Please find out for us when he made that speech, to whom he was speaking, and which nations he referenced.

A while back, financial news reported he was buying up gold by the ton. Does he have any dream of wrecking the American economy? We should know. Perhaps he'd like to make himself a dictator, since he controls so much gold. And guess what? Being white and well-off and straight won't protect anybody from a crashed economy any better than being of color, poor and gay... unless, like a dictator, he chooses arbitrarily to distribute some of his gold.

And please find out how his health is. He is about 82, and eventually will discover, as we all will, that when we depart this life we won't be taking any of our gold with us, or any powers we have here, except our integrity and mercy. What goes around comes around.

Rosalie Rosenfeld


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