Manatee County animal control laws need greater public awareness

April 1, 2014 

I would like to express my condolences to Karen Erskine for the loss of her beloved Buck and Bill. This community needs to ask its administrators why the laws in force didn't protect her or her pets!

I had a small dog that was attacked by another dog. Both dogs were leashed and in a public park.

My dog suffered injuries from the attack that led to his demise. This small dog (with three legs) went for a walk and was murdered.

Manatee County Animal Services allowed me to file a complaint against the dog and its owner. She was fined.

The animal control official told me the law is as follows: The first attack on a pet or human is documented, the second is quarantined and the third is euthanized.

May the lives of these two dogs create awareness in this community, providing fairness and equality to all.

Gloria Cook


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