All children, pets should be cherished

April 1, 2014 

I agreed with the letters in the March 25 Herald that animals should never be put above human beings nor should the penalty be greater for the person who has accidentally been the cause of a death of an animal.

I have a pet whom I love dearly, but she could never be loved the way I have loved my children.

Then there was a letter speaking about abortion and gay marriage. The writer asks "if it is moral to give more rights to a fetus than its mother by forcing the non-consensual use of her body."

Giving life to another human being should be the greatest joy that a woman can have in her lifetime. To kill that little human being because it is inconvenient to her is pure selfishness.

He scorned the church for being against abortion and not helping the starving children, globally. The various churches help by sending workers and money abroad to help these countries. That is a fact!

Manatee County has a "no kill" policy when it comes to animals. I'm hoping and waiting for a "no kill" policy when it comes to an unborn baby, to save them from a horrible death of pain and annihilation.

As far as gay marriage is concerned, it is against God's law also. The human body was not made for gay sex. People are scorning God's laws more and more and that is just the reason why this country has become the cesspool that it is now.

Psalm 119:165 says "Great peace have they who love your law and nothing can make them stumble."

Our country was started by people who respected God's laws and we must put Him back into our society.

Nancy L. Davis


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