Real estate transactions March 17-22

March 31, 2014 

$3,250,000 Lipkin Pamela to Karon Paul L, Karon Sarah S, Lot 10 Sleepy Lagoon, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7271, March 18.

$1,582,902 SLV II CCE Venture LP to Cardel Homes US LP, Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0436, March 18.

$1,550,000 Wilke Manfred, Wilke Brigitte to Edwards Jeffrey S, Edwards Beth R, Lot 41 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1529, March 19.

$1,501,100 Nicol Jeannette M, Nicol Jeannette McClintock, Moore Dwight M to Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, Alternative Loan Trust 2007 Oa2, 2009-Ca-011198, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3693, March 20.

$1,500,000 Camlin Home Corporation, Nordic of Florida Development Inc to Neal Signature Homes LLC, Riverdale Revised, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0650, March 18.

$1,485,000 Sheck Ryan L, Sheck Julie J to Evans Sharon A, Lot 6 Key Royale, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2985, March 20.

$1,087,900 Florida Rock Industries Inc to Argos Ready Mix LLC, Pt 31-35-18, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6517, March 17.

$1,050,000 Baldwin Kenneth N, Baldwin Cheryl J to Newell Craig J, Newell Kathryn L, Lot 42 Northshore at Riviera Dunes, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2269, March 20.

$1,006,783 SLV II CC Venture LP to John Neal Homes Inc, Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2424, March 20.

$900,000 Smithson Robert J to Rice Elaine R, Blk 1 Whitfield Estates, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7581, March 18.

$789,400 Medallion Homes Gulf Coast LC to Davis Joseph, Davis Barbara, Lot 23 Loop Of Northwest Bradenton, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0588, March 18.

$765,000 Newton Developments Inc to Jones James C, Jones Melissa, Lot C 6 Rosedale Highlands, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2910, March 20.

$741,272 Huber Declan E, Huber Mollie C to Hawthorn South LLC, Pt 29-35-18, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7087, March 17.

$693,000 Holderman John E, Holderman Ann H to Zhong Guanbin, Zhong Qilin, Lot 13 Edgewater Village Subphase B, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7504, March 18.

$635,000 Huber Hagan, Huber Hagan H to Hawthorn South LLC, Pt 29-35-18, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7103, March 17.

$630,000 Selph Guy R, Sikora Lynda A to Cicero Peter A Jr, Cicero Nancy A, Lot 22 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2938, March 20.

$605,000 Lizzio Alfred T to Tuttle Steven L, Tuttle Jean H, Lot 15 Regents Park, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7816, March 18.

$600,000 Fitzgerald John E Jr, Fitzgerald Debra L to Orndorff George R, Orndorff Carolyn M, Lot 67 Twin Rivers, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7272, March 18.

$600,000 Pelc Robert J Jr, Pelc Betty J to Seckinger Joseph A, Seckinger Ann Marie C, Lot 31 Greenbrook Village, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7442, March 18.

$595,500 Arnold Trevor D, Pak Arnold Hye S to Thomas David A, Thomas Helen D, Helen Thomas Trust, David and Helen Thomas Trust, Lot 136 River Club South, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2492, March 20.

$592,800 Yanofsky Brenda Lee, Mucasey John to Pnmac Mortgage Opportunity Fund Investors LLC, Lot 28 Stanhope Gate, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2756, March 20.

$580,000 Mills William G Jr, Mills Barbara S to Baron Albert M, Baron Evelyn P, Lot 4 Eaton Place, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1897, March 19.

$565,000 Goldberg Gregory, Catherine Goldberg Revocable Trust, Goldberg Catherine Revocable Trust to Murray Wayne E, Murray Family Trust, Blk 21 Revised Longbeach, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3279, March 20.

$560,000 Gerber Charles A, Charles A Gerber Revocable Trust to Pavlovich Daniel, Pavlovich Antonia Mastrocola, Periwinkle Longbeach Unit 21, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1362, March 19.

$555,100 Gold Mil Bradenton Holdings I LLC to D R Horton Inc, Concession, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3984, March 21.

$550,000 Bayard Dennis J, Bayard Dorothy J, Dennis J Bayard and Dorothy J Bayard 1994 Revocable Trust to Helms Peter D, Helms Janice, Sea Twig Unit 202, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6769, March 17.

$550,000 John Carol Ann, Carol Ann John Revocable Living Trust to Vogler Edward II, Vogler Debra A, Blk 10 Shell Beach Addition, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4068, March 21.

$533,500 Hood James V to Kamal Gagan Deep, 4th Avenue Condominium Inc Unit 5, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7346, March 18.

$525,295 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Radtke Gerard F, Radtke Sharon L, Lot 57 Esplanade, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0454, March 18.

$500,000 Bank of America, US Trust Bank, Laurie How Krosney Revocable Trust, Krosney Laurie How Revocable Trust to Scatigno Alfio R, Scatigno Elvira, Lot 20 Blk 39 Ilexhurst, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0157, March 18.

$500,000 Evans Peter R, Evans Patricia J to Davis James A, Davis Janet C, Lot 21 Blk 24 Waterlefe Golf and River Club, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4096, March 21.

$489,448 Steele Richard G, Steele Jean Marie to Christiana Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2013 7, Lot 27 Ashley Trace at University Place, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2935, March 20.

$485,000 Bank of America to Eichelherger Todd, Lot 9 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1386, March 19.

$482,800 Medallion Home at Gamble Creek LLC to Shelby Anthony N, Lot 84 Gamble Creek Estates, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0445, March 18.

$479,000 Karp Karyn, Davis Mary K to Hunter John Bradley, Hunter Beryl, Lot 2 Clark Spring Lake Estates, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2289, March 20.

$478,000 Futch Larry O, Futch Nancy F to Hosack Curlin Karen, Watercrest Unit 204, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1419, March 19.

$472,500 Odoardi Stephen V, Odoardi Virginia P to Kokora Steven M, Kokora Deirdre A, Lot 1113 Country Meadows, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7682, March 18.

$470,000 Boudrot Richard L, Boudrot Barbara J, Richard L Boudrat and Barbara Boudrot Revocable Trust to Post Sharon M, Lot 117 Riverdale Revised, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3379, March 20.

$460,000 Sailing Crew Property Investment LLC to Baltussen Frank, Baltussen Stefanie, Starfish House Unit B, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0798, March 19.

$450,000 May Jack T, May Patricia A, May Living Trust to Childress Daniel E, Childress Doris F, La Costa Unit 115, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4450, March 21.

$450,000 Twait Bradley R, Twait Heather M to Lynch John B, Lynch Lou Ann Eckert, Lynch Family Trust, Bimini Bay Estates, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0151, March 18.

$435,000 Cervantes Manuel, Cervantes Tracy to Stamatopoulos Harlambos, Lot 38 Flamingo Cay, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0756, March 19.

$430,000 Mann Keith, Mann Caitlin to Bulaw Mona, Bulaw Jay, Lot 1 Wimbledon, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4807, March 21.

$429,735 Taylor Morrison Of Florida Inc to De Angelis Lawrence J, De Angelis Jacquelyn A, De Angelis Family Revocable Trust, Lot 83 Esplanade, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3450, March 20.

$425,000 Costello Rita T to Comstock Patricia A, Lot 34 Broadmoor Pines, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3300, March 20.

$425,000 Mutzer Joseph T, Mutzer Teresa, Mutzer Family Revocable Living Trust to Kohrs Timothy, Harvey Jan, Blk 17 Anna Maria Beach, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3755, March 20.

$420,000 Moerk John C Jr, Moerk Barbara L to Alamanda By The Gulf LLC, Lot 6 Blk 5 Shore Acres, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7315, March 18.

$418,000 Snelling Jeramie D, Snelling Nicole Samson to Futch Larry O, Futch Nancy F, Lot 5 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1193, March 19.

$415,500 Cargor Partners III Parrish LC to Lind Richard G, Lind Beatrice A, Lot 208 River Plantation, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0561, March 18.

$398,500 Beebe Daniel M, Brigham Jennifer A to Sanchez Rafael A, Lot 47 Lakewood Ranch County Club Village, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7123, March 17.

$397,000 Towne of Greyhawk Landing West LLC to McGriff Selena R, Lot 20 Greyhawk Landing West, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0526, March 18.

$395,000 Pnmac Mortgage Opportunity Fund Investors LLC to Benson Clarence, Benson Morgan, Lot 1111 Country Meadows, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6103, March 17.

$388,500 Mandarin Development Inc to Prowls Clayton R, Prowls Carol A, Lot 85 Riva Trace, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0442, March 18.

$383,500 Miranda Edward C to Tropical Island Homes LLP, Lot 12 Key Royale Terrace, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7072, March 17.

$382,502 US Bank NA, Adjustable Rate Mortgage Trust 2004 2 to Ciesinski Henry, Ciesinski Dianne, 0, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2473, March 20.

$371,342 Taylor Morrison Of Florida Inc to Eaton Sean P, Eaton Adrienne L, Lot 12 Arbor Reserve, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0482, March 18.

$365,200 Mandarin Development Inc to Barnett Kenneth, Lot 4146 Twin Rivers, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2155, March 19.

$350,000 First Federal Bank of Florida A to Redcay Gary D, Redcay Monica A, Lot 7126 Mill Creek, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6860, March 17.

$348,000 Ryland Group Inc to Smith David J, Smith Amy J, Lot 54 Arbor Reserve, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0284, March 18.

$345,000 Cooper Nathan, Cooper Carole, Sweet Danny, Sweet Dan, Sweet Carol to Forden Laurie A, Moorings at Edgewater V Unit 2, 2, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4658, March 21.

$342,706 Pontenberg Diana L to McMillan Gregory, Lot 33 River Club North, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6509, March 17.

$341,800 WCI Communities LLC to Kaur Jasbir, Lot 111 Tidewater Preserve, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3026, March 20.

$340,000 Ecoff David W Jr, Ecoff Robin J, David W Ecoff Jr and Robin J Ecoff Revocable Trust to Hodges Perry W Iii, Levy Stephanie J, Lot 83 Summerfield Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2026, March 19.

$335,000 Anchor Builders of Southwest Florida Inc to Anchor Builders Lake Club 23 LLC, Lot 23 Lake Club, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0234, March 18.

$330,000 Valentine Marian A to Calme Thomas Jr, McKeithen Michael, McKeithen Michael, Lot 9 Blk 9 Shore Acres, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2478, March 20.

$325,000 Horrocks Thomas L, Horrocks Yolonda M to Johnson David Ted, Magnolia Manor Tracts, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7031, March 17.

$325,000 Walters Nicholas A, Walters Veronica to Fletcher Ryan K, Fletcher Anna, Lot 3059 Twin Rivers, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2550, March 20.

$322,500 Richmond Joseph R, Colucci Frederic W, Colucci Susan J to Richmond Cindy, Richmond Joseph R, Cindy Richmond Living Trust, Lot 5 Blk B Luana Isles, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4811, March 21.

$322,000 Clary Janice to Trotter Ernie J, Trotter Shirley J, Lot 59 Greyhawk Landing, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2997, March 20.

$320,620 Central Park Lifestyles LLC to Pontenberg Diana L, Lot 19 Blk F Central Park, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0775, March 19.

$320,000 Smith David J, Smith Amy J to Harris James C, Lot 11 Blk H Old Grove at Greenfield Plantation Phase II, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2566, March 20.

$315,000 Shanahan John M, Shanahan Janice F to Newell William T, Lot 57 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1147, March 19.

$314,000 Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Hughes Mark, Lot 11 Greenbrook Village Subphase II, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0914, March 19.

$310,000 Pearman Darlene T to Wark George J Jr, Wark Laurie A, Lot 2 Blk 1 Braden Woods, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2637, March 20.

$307,800 Britt Victor H III, Britt Greta, Britt Agretta Irene to Shaw Robert W, Shaw Laurel G, Lot G 25 Rosedale 6 B, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0632, March 18.

$305,000 Baker Roy L, Baker Carol A to Olmstead Kathleen, Casey Georgeann, 0, O.R. Book 02512 Page 5973, March 17.

$305,000 Eagle Fl III Spe LLC to Hars Dirk, Boiler Hars Martins, Lot 68 San Remo Shores, O.R. Book 02513 Page 4714, March 21.

$304,000 Hainchek Alan C, Hainchek Marcia J, Hainchek Living Trust to Nocturne Dominique J, Nocturne Margaret M, Lot 5003 Cascades at Sarasota, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2356, March 20.

$297,700 WCI Communities LLC to Martinez Kenneth L, Martinez Cynthia C, Lagoon I at Tidewater Preserve, Unit C, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2873, March 20.

$295,000 Stein Richard A, Stein June L to Christenson Randall M, Christenson Anne L, Westbay Cove Unit 222, O.R. Book 02512 Page 7369, March 18.

$293,492 Ryland Group Inc to Wittman Benjamin Daniel, Wittman Amy Jo, Lot 26 Arbor Reserve, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6792, March 17.

$290,000 Hazelton Craig H, Hazelton Karen S to Granato Paul A Sr, Lot 135 River Place, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6522, March 17.

$285,000 Caminite Anthony P, Caminite Rudolph N, Caminite Cordilia, Cordilia Caminite Revocable Living Trust, Brown Josephine Elaine to Meluch Michelle M, Meluch Richard J, Pt 33-34-17, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6663, March 17.

$285,000 Colner Ruth E to Smith Robert W, Smith Concetta Maria, 0, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0477, March 18.

$285,000 Skidmore Joseph R, Skidmore Harriet Sue to Pavone Dallas D, Pavone Kortney E, Lot 114 Mill Creek, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2335, March 20.

$282,757 River Reach Associates LLC to Nealy Steve C, Nealy Kim S, Lot 41 Rivers Reach, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0704, March 19.

$282,000 Keller Robert A, Keller Candace M, Robert A Keller and Candace M Keller Inter Vivos Trust to DLR Southwest Investments LLC, Coach Homes II at River Strand, Unit 2902, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6827, March 17.

$279,000 Concession 113 LLC to Julian Joseph A, Lot 5 Blk B Concession, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2158, March 19.

$276,715 Ryland Group Inc to Scott Leo A, Scott Theresa D, Lot 2 Oakleaf Hammock, O.R. Book 02513 Page 0254, March 18.

$275,198 Ryland Group Inc to Florio Alexander Anthony, Lot 73 Arbor Reserve, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6809, March 17.

$275,000 Maldonado Alberto to Padgett Larry R Jr, Padgett Evelyn F, Lot 2 Blk 22 Ilexhurst, O.R. Book 02512 Page 6592, March 17.

$270,000 Reed Jay R, Reed Margaret to Sage John C Jr, Sage Amy Bright, Lot 36 Deer Run at Palm View, O.R. Book 02513 Page 3786, March 21.

$262,000 Taylor Katherine Reddington, Bozarth Marguerite Reddington to Patel Nikesh S, Patel Kinsey K, Sutton Place Unit T 21, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1281, March 19.

$259,900 Kelley Bryan T, Kelley Devry R to National Residential Nominee Services Inc, Lot 200 Chelsea Oaks, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1308, March 19.

$259,900 National Residential Nominee Services Inc to Konkler Melanie R, Konkler Kevin M, Lot 200 Chelsea Oaks, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1312, March 19.

$257,000 Fletcher Jacquelyn F, Fletcher Merijill to Dimitroff Mark G, Dimitroff Lavonne M, Moorings at Edgewater IV Unit, 101, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1444, March 19.

$254,325 Centex Homes to Jordan Manfred H, Jordan Louana J, Lot 111 Crossing Creek Village, O.R. Book 02513 Page 2509, March 20.

$254,000 Bouska Robert to Kropp Larry M, Kropp Mary L, Coach Homes I at River Strand, Unit 104, O.R. Book 02513 Page 1522, March 19.

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